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Hi, my name is Brittany DeMaio. I am a student midwife, certified birthing doula and a certified childbirth educator but most importantly, I’m a mama. My passion for birth work came to life after having my own children. There was a fire in me to serve, educate and support. After the birth of my first, I was left with so many questions that ultimately went unanswered. When I became pregnant with our second having that same experience was not an option. I did everything I knew at the time to do; read the books, toured my hospital, took hospital birthing classes and asked my provider a TON of questions. But still I was dissatisfied with my experience once again. I knew there had to be another way for women to have the birthing experience they’ve always imagined and I was determined to do whatever I could to make sure they have the resources and education to do so. Shortly (like three weeks) after the birth of my second child I was signed up and on my way to my first doula training, with my newborn in tow. From that very first day of training I knew this is what I was put on this earth to do. My empathetic personally, passion to serve, and desire to educate lead me to this. I officially started BIRTH & CO. in 2021 and since then have supported 80+ families through the perinatal period providing them with group and private childbirth education classes and one-on-one birth support. Since starting BIRTH & CO. my desire to do more and passion for birth work has only grown. In August of 2021 I was accepted into The National Midwifery Institute where I am now studying to become a Certified Professional Midwife.

About Me: About Me
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