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One of the most rewarding parts of my job is building strong, beautiful relationships with my clients. I believe in making a real difference in the birthing process, and my clients couldn’t be more thankful. Please browse some of their testimonials below.

Testimonials: Testimonials

“My husband and I can not recommend Brittany’s doula services enough! Brittany was supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. During labor, Brittany supported me by creating a calming environment and helping me through contractions. During my delivery the nurses were unable to find my son’s heartbeat and my husband and I were scared to death. The entire time, while I was in complete panic, Brittany was right by my side, holding my hand and reassuring me that my baby was going to be okay. My delivery ended in an emergency c-section and although that was not the birth outcome I had hoped for Brittany continued to empower and encourage me. After delivery Brittany helped tremendously with getting my baby to latch and allowed me to have a positive start to breast feeding. Brittany is knowledgeable on birthing and comfort techniques, encouraging, and empowering. I could not have gone through pregnancy or labor and delivery without her!“

The Bennett's

Brittany is! Literally. She is not only on her Job in labor and delivery she was very helpful in many other areas. My experience with her was wonderful and very breath taking. She was able to capture pictures and moments I wasn’t able to with my first two children. This birth was a very memorable and exciting and without Brittany I don’t think It would have been possible. I’ll never forget feeling scared and worried and words of encouragement helped me and calmed me down. She is truly the best and loves her job. 


After an induction with my first pregnancy, I realized I wanted a completely different experience with my second birth. I was amazed to learn that despite how the doctors and hospital presented my options (or lack thereof), I could actually have a lot more autonomy in my birth plan. Brit did a wonderful job explaining those options with my husband and I. She was not only educated in the birth process, but patient, passionate, and caring in her approach with us. She met with us several times over the pregnancy to go over our birth plan and to offer techniques to mentally and physically prepare for the birth. And when the day finally came she met us at the hospital with her Mary Poppins bag. When my labor escalated more quickly than I'd expected and the fear started to set in, she was there to help me keep my cool and remind me that I was doing AMAZING. It was like having my own personal cheerleader during one of the most important moments in my life. Doulas should be an essential part of every woman's birth experience and I'm very happy Brit was there along for ours!


I am absolutely amazed and grateful for Brittany's Doula service. My first pregnancy was very rough and I was terrified to go through my second pregnancy without support from someone who understands. 
I can honestly say that I wouldn't have emotionally and mentally made through without Brittany by my side. Not only did she quickly answer all of my crazy pregnancy questions, but I feel like I made a friend along the way. She also made my husband feel very at ease and part of the team as well. 
My labor and birth were very supported. Brittany kept reminding me of my plan, even when I was in pain and wanted to give up. When laboring at 9.5cm dilated for two hours, Brittany got me through my panic and crying. She held my hand and I was able to make it through. 
I 100% recommend Brittany as a Doula. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind. When we decide to have another baby, we will definitely reach out again!


Brittany was fantastic!!! With the birth of my son I was nervous and had a million questions but she was great and gave me answers I could understand. She came to the hospital and assisted in every aspect. My wife and I might even have another baby and will be sure to book Brittany. Thank you for everything!!!!


Brit's knowledge, empowerment and care were invaluable during every stage of working with her! She educated us at our home visits, connected us to amazing providers (chiropractor, physical therapist, etc), brought extra peace and strength during labor & delivery, cared for my husband and fresh babe as I went in for a procedure, answered every question and concern postpartum, and provides lactation support. She's truly essential if you want to have a peaceful birth experience!


Brit is simply put: amazing. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable and confident going into my induction. Even though I had already birthed two babies, I learned so much more from Brit in our meetings. Of all three births, the one with Brit was by far my favorite. She worked so well with my husband during my labor, you would have thought they’d known each other for years. Honestly, I can’t say enough. I’m so grateful for the experience.



Brittany joined us for our 5th birth experience. My goal was an unmediated birth and I didn’t know how to achieve that until we met Britt. She showed us so many tricks n tips. Her endless support is the only reason I was able to achieve this goal. You would think that by the 5th baby I would have a handle on this but there was so much I didn't know about the labor / birth process because of previous epidurals and inductions. The medical field could really learn a thing or two from this woman! I will forever recommend Brittany’s services !!! She was amazing and everything I didn't even know I needed.


The absolute best decision we ever made was choosing Brit as our doula. My husband and I were expecting our first and had no idea how to prepare or what to expect. Brit came in and provided us with all sorts of resources and knowledge to make my pregnancy and our birth experience so much more amazing! She answered all of our questions and assisted us with all of our concerns. She supported us in every decision we made! She stood by my side during hours of labor and provided support for my worried husband. Brit is such a kind-hearted woman and we are beyond thankful that she was part of the birth of our first child! We love you Brit!


My husband and I decided to search for a doula to be with us as we birthed our sixth living baby, due after years of loss and infertility. We knew it would be emotional and trying, as most of the pregnancy had been, and we hoped for someone to be on “our side” as we navigated the delivery. Brittany came at the recommendation of another doula and was the perfect fit from the start! Her cheerful demeanor and wisdom kept us sane, even as we dealt with a late pregnancy provider switch, multiple diagnoses, and a medical induction. Poor Brittany, we promised her a fast delivery, as my last had been mere hours, but alas, our son did not like the idea of coming early, and Brittany labored with us for two days! She always had another position to try, encouragement to give, and the support we needed after so many long and unexpected hours. In the weeks after, Brittany was only a phone call or text away as we navigated a crazy newborn phase. If you are looking for an incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and capable doula, who goes above and beyond for her families, Brittany is your girl! We wholeheartedly recommend her!

Greg & Lindsey

Words and tears cannot express how much of an advocate Brit was for me and my husband during our birth. Brit was so knowledgeable in all aspects from start to finish. She made my husband and I feel very safe and comfortable and those are the 2 most important aspects to have present at your birth. I am so grateful for all of her encouragement and cannot wait to have her for my future kiddos! We are extremely grateful for all of your hard work and attention for the 24+ hours you stayed with us!

Simon & Carolyn

Birth & Co was the best investment I made during pregnancy and birth! Brit is a wealth of knowledge and was always willing to share that and her personal experiences. I learned a lot from her birth classes and felt more prepared with the info she passed on to my husband and I. Brit was always there when I needed a second opinion or even just for a friendly check in to see how I was doing throughout my pregnancy! Both Brit’s personality and experience made her an invaluable part of our journey- her kind & gentle demeanor helped me stay calm during times of distress both before and during birth, especially when the (inevitable) unexpected occurred. And when I needed a fierce advocate during labor and delivery at the hospital, she was my girl!! Birth is traumatic no matter how it goes down, but I genuinely know that Brit’s services helped reduce that trauma and therefore my healing time. Can’t wait for the next one. Highly recommend!!!


I couldn’t say enough great things about Brittany! My labor experience did not at all go as planned or expected and Brittany made me feel so supported and powerful during the whole thing. If you’re hesitant about getting a doula, like I was, do it. 100% do it. I mentally and physically could have never gotten through my birth without her!! My family is forever grateful for her.


My husband and I both agree, we could not have done this without Brit! I had a long, difficult labor and Brit was so instrumental in giving both of us the strength and encouragement to keep going. From the midnight phone call to almost 24 hours later pushing my baby out. Although she is a labor doula, she really is there for you once you hire her. She makes herself readily available by text or phone call, which was especially helpful for us during the pregnancy. Brit educates and encourages moms to listen to their instincts and not be pressured into anything. She gave me the support I needed to not be pressured into an induction and wait for my baby to come in her own time. I’m so thankful for that. This was our first baby and it was amazing having someone so experienced and knowledgeable there for it all. We love Brit and would absolutely work with her again if we have another baby!


We highly recommend Brit and her Doula services! For my first pregnancy, I didn’t know what to expect and wanted to have the most support during my birth. I’m so glad we had Brit there! In the educational meetings I learned so much about pregnancy, birth and what my body would be capable of doing. Brit showed us how to use other modalities of mitigating pain during contractions and was available via text or phone for any questions we had. During labor, she was so supportive with words of affirmation and massage/touch during contractions. She helped explain things better or offer another suggestion when the doctor spoke. I had a really great first birth experience and Birth & Co has everything to do with it!


Brit is absolutely amazing!!!!! I’m so thankful to have had her during pregnancy and labor. My epidural failed twice and my doctor was helping another patient for most of the birth. Brit helped me remain calm and confident that everything would be okay and even offered tools for pain management. Without Brit I don’t know how I would’ve made it through. The breathing exercises and different laboring tools and positions helped me continue pushing for 7 hours. My husband and I still talk about how thankful we are that we had Brit. Even after giving birth, she checked up on us and offered more amazing knowledge and tools post partum. She really does go ABOVE and beyond for her clients and it so knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. Hands down would recommend Brit every single time. The absolute best.



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