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“My husband and I can not recommend Brittany’s doula services enough! Brittany was supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. During labor, Brittany supported me by creating a calming environment and helping me through contractions. During my delivery the nurses were unable to find my son’s heartbeat and my husband and I were scared to death. The entire time, while I was in complete panic, Brittany was right by my side, holding my hand and reassuring me that my baby was going to be okay. My delivery ended in an emergency c-section and although that was not the birth outcome I had hoped for Brittany continued to empower and encourage me. After delivery Brittany helped tremendously with getting my baby to latch and allowed me to have a positive start to breast feeding. Brittany is knowledgeable on birthing and comfort techniques, encouraging, and empowering. I could not have gone through pregnancy or labor and delivery without her!“

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