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“My husband and I can not recommend Brittany’s doula services enough! Brittany was supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. During labor, Brittany supported me by creating a calming environment and helping me through contractions. During my delivery the nurses were unable to find my son’s heartbeat and my husband and I were scared to death. The entire time, while I was in complete panic, Brittany was right by my side, holding my hand and reassuring me that my baby was going to be okay. My delivery ended in an emergency c-section and although that was not the birth outcome I had hoped for Brittany continued to empower and encourage me. After delivery Brittany helped tremendously with getting my baby to latch and allowed me to have a positive start to breast feeding. Brittany is knowledgeable on birthing and comfort techniques, encouraging, and empowering. I could not have gone through pregnancy or labor and delivery without her!“

The Bennett's

Brittany is! Literally. She is not only on her Job in labor and delivery she was very helpful in many other areas. My experience with her was wonderful and very breath taking. She was able to capture pictures and moments I wasn’t able to with my first two children. This birth was a very memorable and exciting and without Brittany I don’t think It would have been possible. I’ll never forget feeling scared and worried and words of encouragement helped me and calmed me down. She is truly the best and loves her job. 


After an induction with my first pregnancy, I realized I wanted a completely different experience with my second birth. I was amazed to learn that despite how the doctors and hospital presented my options (or lack thereof), I could actually have a lot more autonomy in my birth plan. Brit did a wonderful job explaining those options with my husband and I. She was not only educated in the birth process, but patient, passionate, and caring in her approach with us. She met with us several times over the pregnancy to go over our birth plan and to offer techniques to mentally and physically prepare for the birth. And when the day finally came she met us at the hospital with her Mary Poppins bag. When my labor escalated more quickly than I'd expected and the fear started to set in, she was there to help me keep my cool and remind me that I was doing AMAZING. It was like having my own personal cheerleader during one of the most important moments in my life. Doulas should be an essential part of every woman's birth experience and I'm very happy Brit was there along for ours!


I am absolutely amazed and grateful for Brittany's Doula service. My first pregnancy was very rough and I was terrified to go through my second pregnancy without support from someone who understands. 
I can honestly say that I wouldn't have emotionally and mentally made through without Brittany by my side. Not only did she quickly answer all of my crazy pregnancy questions, but I feel like I made a friend along the way. She also made my husband feel very at ease and part of the team as well. 
My labor and birth were very supported. Brittany kept reminding me of my plan, even when I was in pain and wanted to give up. When laboring at 9.5cm dilated for two hours, Brittany got me through my panic and crying. She held my hand and I was able to make it through. 
I 100% recommend Brittany as a Doula. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind. When we decide to have another baby, we will definitely reach out again!



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